Why Jobtouch.net is Your Best Choice

  • Our services are cost effective. Jobtouch.net looks for hundreds of employees every day. When you advertise for employees, your ad will only encounter people seeking employment that day. With unemployment running at all-time lows, most companies cannot afford to not use a search firm.
  • We deal in the marketplace every day and are familiar with pay rates, fringe benefits packages, etc. We can help you tailor your package to be very competitive in a tight labor market.
  • Whether you are looking for an entry-level designer or a CEO, you can count on jobtouch.net to wage that “right fit.”
  • Our experts provide knowledgeable, dependable H. R. solutions for companies of any size, in these industries.
  • We recruit at our own cost and do in-depth interviews. We make all the calls, checking the availability and interest of the job seeker, set the appointments, prepare them for their interview, and debrief them afterward. We will work with you to negotiate a package that will appeal to the job seeker.
  • Before we send a candidate to interview, you will give full particulars that point out the specific areas that meet your employment requirements. If they are lacking in a particular area) i.e. 3 years of experience instead of 5), you will be told and can decide whether to invest your time interviewing them based on the rest of their background. Every interview is a potential hire. The only thing missing is the “chemistry quotient,” and in many cases we have managed to match that as well.
  • We handle everything in the strictest of confidence.
  • WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS! We will service you and your consort to the best of our ability, hoping to always maintain good lines of communication for a continued, trusting relationship. Jobtouch.net combines all types of employment needs. Our full service approach is one of the reasons companies have turned to jobtouch.net to find the “right fit.” Jobtouch.net is your source of guaranteed satisfaction. As your single provider, we can fill all your employment needs.

Top Notch Service

At jobtouch.net, we are selective when it comes to choosing strategic alliances. As a client, you will receive an unparalleled level of service and total commitment of time and resources to your immediate needs. We recognize our clients are making significant investments in quality hires. We honor that commitment by bringing the highest degree of responsiveness and integrity to every search.

Our Mission: Developing rock-solid relationships

Your employees are your most important asset. The continued growth of successful companies depends on the shared vision of all its employees. Our business is not simply about filling positions, it's about building long-term relationships with core visionaries. you can rely on our:

  • Integrity, ethics and exceptional professionalism.
  • Extensive and specialized consumer packaged goods industry experience
  • Never say die recruiting techniques

Jobtouch.net’s mission is to provide top-notch, customized search services that will accomplish our clients' goals in a timely and cost effective manner. Jobtouch.net has been bridging the gap between your placement needs and the best talent the industry has to offer for over a decade.

Jobtouch.net: Shouldn't you be using the best?

Since 1994, jobtouch.net has been the leading executive search firm in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industries. We work across all departments and disciplines; specializing in sales and marketing, product development, engineering and operations. We work on positions from entry-level to senior management.

In our fifteen years, we have developed a network of long term relationships with companies worldwide. These relationships lead to a continuous flow of high quality job openings, many of which are unadvertised and confidential. In addition, jobtouch.net handles all types of searches; this includes retained, exclusive as well as contingency searches. No other search firm has access to the many job openings placed with jobtouch.net.

As the industry leader, jobtouch.net has a consistent long term record of placement success in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector. At jobtouch.net, Choosing the right people fro key positions in your company can be crucial to long term success, we recognize and take this responsibility very seriously. What you can expect from us:


Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates and we will always strive to do it an honest and forthright manner.


Jobtouch.net’s greatest asset is our experience. We only work with companies that treat employees as their greatest asset.


Jobtouch.net’s resources are unmatched in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industries. We go above and beyond the call of duty for our candidates and our clients. We will leave no stone unturned.

Jobtouch.net is a team player. Our unparalleled network of industry contacts and exceptional standards of professionalism will help you as a client find the success you deserve.